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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the responses below and contact us directly with any additional questions...

What is marketing research?

Marketing research is the process of reaching out to potential or existing customers and gathering their opinions about specific aspects of the market or your product, understanding the context in which these customers live and use your product, and gathering their ideas, beliefs, and attitudes.  Today's technology makes this process much easier and when used by an experienced, trained researcher, the results always amaze and more than justify the investment.


How is Canvas different from other research firms?

We provide a trifecta of experience, expertise, and ease of use! 

1) real-world marketing experience - we have been brand managers, consultants, and clients of many research firms 

2) expertise invalidated research methods - years of training and application guide our methodological choices

3) ease of use - we apply state-of-the-art technologies with flexibility and efficiency working side-by-side with you to provide answers to inform your decisions

Compare us against other research firms–you’ll find that Canvas is one of the few that delivers all three. The net result for our clients is customer intelligence that matters- delivered fast.


How is Canvas different from agencies?

We provide clients with objective insights that they can apply to critical decisions.  We have been on the brand manager side, the consultant side, and now the independent researcher side, so our focus is holistic and driven by the key business challenges, not just the creative project on hand.   On the other hand, agencies are typically focused on the insights to drive or validate the creative aspects and few have true in-house research expertise or capabilities. In fact, in many situations, Canvas works through the consulting firms or the agency that serves the end client.


How long does a research project take?

Canvas can provide agile research with fast turnaround times when needed (one week or less). 

However, many projects require varying methodologies staged accordingly and can take weeks for planning and execution ~ 4 weeks on average. The type of research and scope determines the project timelines.


What does a research project cost?

All of our research projects are customized for the client, and pricing depends on the nature of the assignment.


I have a project and need to get a quote?

Contact us to explain your project needs and we will talk you through the best approach. We will prepare a proposal that outlines the timing and cost and then email it to you for review -- No risk to get an idea of the approach and cost of your project.

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