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Kristin Sharp Anderson / Managing Partner

Kristin Sharp Anderson brings strong qualitative and quantitative analytical expertise and a wealth of applied experience in research methodologies and statistical analyses to the industry.  She has over twenty years of experience in providing marketing, marketing research and consultative services on both the client and supplier sides of the business. Her previous background includes senior roles at a number of respected marketing, marketing research, and Fortune 500 companies in Atlanta, Georgia: Manager of Marketing Research and Customer Insights at Delta Air Lines, Inc., Project Director at Interactive Research, Inc., and Project Manager for The Marketing Workshop, Inc.


While at Delta Air Lines, Anderson was an honored nominee of the Chairman’s Club which recognized superior performance for the top 100 employees. She was instrumental in the marketing research and development for over thirty-five potential new product launches, service enhancements, and program developments. For three years, Kristin served as the Delta Air Lines delegate for the competitive Syndicated Marketing Research Council which included more than twenty unique airlines worldwide.


In 2012, Kristin became a Founder and Managing Partner of Canvas Research, a research technology and strategy firm in Atlanta, GA.  Canvas was created to develop and deploy a proprietary research engine to deliver deep insights and provide the partners a flexible tool for research and strategy projects.  She also operates PathWerk, a sister company focusing Canvas’ skills in the home improvement industry.


Kristin has undergone extensive Moderator training at the well respected Burke Institute.  Anderson holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Louisiana State University.

Shelli Keagle / Managing Partner

Shelli Keagle brings a varied background as a consultant and practitioner of marketing. She has over 7 years’ experience with a boutique consulting firm, (r)evolution, as a Senior Manager Consultant.  In this role, she led teams at many Fortune 500 firms focusing on brand positioning, new product innovation, segmentation strategy and relevant applications of customer voice through touch-point analysis.  Throughout her projects, she led hundreds of executive, staff and customer interviews as part of the discovery work in most projects.   She then worked through the quantitative research to guide the balance of the  projects.  In addition, she has focused online moderator experience with numerous Fortune 1000 project teams.


Shelli also has over 7 years’ experience with Delta Air Lines in Consumer Marketing management roles focused on strategic planning, brand management, operational implementation of marketing plans, transformational product redesign and project management.


She has worked the past 4 years as a Founder and Managing Partner of Canvas Research, a research technology and strategy firm in Atlanta, GA.  She also operates PathWerk, a sister company focusing Canvas’ skills on the home improvement industry.


Shelli earned an MBA as valedictorian from The University of Georgia Terry College of Business.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Management from Clemson University.  


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