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4 Tech Trends from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

As we are immersed in the new Star Wars movie, it seems fitting to look at some of the new tech trends for 2016 and wonder how they would work in a Star Wars reality.

  1. Algorithmic Personality Detection – Harnessing personal data –websites visited, images posted, social media comments, even your GPA to predict habits and choices. Could this have predicted that Anakin would convert to the Dark Side before it happened? Luke… you should have known I was your father.

  2. Bots – Handy software applications that complete tasks and will be available for us all to use. Seems like C3PO is the physical embodiment of these software based task mavens… At your service Master Luke.

  3. Backdoors – Well, could not be a bigger backdoor than the one built in the Death Star leading to its most vulnerable spot. Hopefully, nothing like that is coming to a software suite near you any time soon.

  4. Augmented Knowledge – The ‘ability’ to load knowledge and experience through a cognitive neural prosthesis. I’ll take the Jedi Knight Memory package.

In all seriousness, these are 4 of the 8 trends that Amy Webb identified in her recent HBR article (8 Tech Trends for 2016). It is fascinating to consider the possibilities and the impact of this new technology on our work and our world. Let me know which of these trends you think will have the biggest impact. #researchcanvas


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