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Who is Canvas?

Well, we have been around for years in different forms. Kristin Sharp Anderson and I started our working relationship at Delta Airlines in the late 90’s. Back then, we worked together to use research to manage many of Delta Air Lines’ onboard products.

Kristin worked in the Marketing Research Department and I worked in Product Development. We transitioned to consulting at (r)evolution and worked together on a variety of projects from Credit Scores to Pet Food, Shipping Companies to Dandruff Shampoo and some Chicken Sandwiches along the way! Again, we used research to uncover the insights needed to drive decisions, shape products, and form messaging and marketing strategy for our clients.

Today we are on our own. Canvas Research is the vehicle for us to do what we have been doing for years – jump in the middle of an issue and use research to drive the right decisions going forward. We have refined our techniques, but the essence of our work is about being curious. We help our clients make critical decisions based on facts. The voice of the customer as revealed through online discussions, surveys, or interviews.


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